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I’ve earned money from typing for over two years now, but it has been my official job for only the last three months. Different people would have different definitions of what a home-based typist is. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who works from home, types for more than two hours a day and gets paid for it, fits the profile. I am a proud data entry clerk based on the mid north coast of New South Wales on the east coast of Australia. I am not someone’s employee insofar as I am my own boss. I established my own business and run it from an office inside my house. I don’t make a lot of cash right now, but the potential to generate income is certainly evident.

I spent months looking for an online job as a typist only to be frustrated at every turn. There are no resources for people to find legitimate internet based employment. People who choose to type as a career option have too many hurdles in their way when searching for jobs online. I knew that I’d enjoy typing from home and I knew I could satisfy any employer’s expectations given the right chance, but stumbling upon an opportunity was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. In the end I decided to share my adventures with the rest of the planet, publishing my articles and blog posts on this website. All of my entries are typed so I had no qualms calling my new occupation a home based data entry job!

If you want something done properly then you should do it yourself. That’s what I was thinking when I decided to be a data entry operator and work from home. I was so disappointed at not being able to locate an online typing job; I created one from scratch and redefined all of the parameters. I wanted to be a professional typist but I didn’t know how to go about sourcing the data I needed to type, in order to start business. One night while I was sitting in front of my computer I suddenly had a thought, what if the data I enter is actually data that I make up myself? It sounded perfect. Having quite an over active imagination, I started banging away on my keyboard immediately.

Do I want you to send me money in exchange for my secret formula for success? No. The reason for starting this website was for me to have an outlet for my typing obsession. Working as a typist has been my dream for a few years and having the opportunity to work from home was too great a chance to pass up. I wasn’t going to give up just because I couldn’t find an employer willing to supply me with data. I wanted to type for a living so I just started typing. No one is going to tell me that I’m not Australia’s most fantastic data entry clerk because no one would care enough to ever even approach me. I just hope I have created a long lasting and secure career.

I live in a small town that is home to quite an internet savvy population. I have friends who have established their own website design enterprises and others with more traditional computer sales and repair businesses. When I was researching for the possibility to start my own home based business as a data entry operator, I spoke to my acquaintances to gain an insight into the industry and gauge their response to my idea. Some of them didn’t believe it would be possible to create a typing job from scratch. Others were more open to the idea of a typist going out on his own and making a living via the internet. I was going to type no matter what they said anyway.

My good friend Abraham Brown said, “Typing from home may be fun but there’s no way you will ever make a successful living out of it. Who ever heard of an Australian typist starting his own business and mixing it with the multi-national giants? Just because you can type quickly and accurately doesn’t mean you should consider making a career out of it. What sort of an occupation is being a data entry clerk anyway? It sounds like the sort of job my mother would do! I know you want to work from home but I really think you should try finding an employer on the internet who is willing to pay you to read emails or something. Does anybody do that?”

Abraham is entitled to his opinion but I’m confident I can prove him wrong. I am a fast typist and my accuracy is improving all the time. I am very keen to work from home for the rest of my working life and I’m willing to put in 100% effort every time. When you look at the bigger picture it’s easy to forget the fact that I haven’t been typing for very long. I’ve had a very steep learning curve but what hasn’t killed me has made me stronger. Entering data is the only task I want to perform and I want to earn my pay legitimately and often. I want to be my own employer and I’d like to eventually have several employees acting as my subordinates before too long.

Basically, I’m just going to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to. I want to be a typist so I will enter data every day from early in the morning till late at night. I’ll type my articles and blog posts and publish them here and watch my bank balance rise as a result. If you have found this story interesting please feel free to bookmark this page and tell all of your friends about it. If you need me you know where to find me. I’m right here………….typing from home!

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