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Having the opportunity to work at home has become the dream for a lot people residing in Melbourne, Victoria. Australia’s second most populated city has warmed to the home-based business revolution with open arms. Bosses and employees have embraced in the street, excited by the prospects of data entry and typing jobs. Nelson Rodriguez has been secretly stuffing envelopes in his garage for the past eighteen months and admits to feeling a bit reserved about the current trends.

“I liked it when I was the only one doing it,” Nelson wheezed, “There are only so many envelopes to stuff in each city and I like to think I’m Melbourne’s Mister Stuff It. Too many workers spoil the opportunity, if you know what I mean. One day I’d like to be someone’s boss and I think I’d be a good employer if given the chance. I don’t want to be stuck in some horrible computer job, filling out online surveys or any of those sort of jobs. I like the feel of paper between my thumb and forefinger. Show me an envelope and I’ll show you something that needs stuffing!”

Nelson came to Melbourne in the early 1970s, fell in love and stayed here ever since. He has followed many employment opportunities over many years but always felt disappointed in the end. Now he has sorted out his career woes he can focus on getting his inept social life in order. He used to waste hours every day worrying about his occupation and what the future held for a man without a profession, but now he just goes with the flow. Working from home has really helped Nelson get his life on track.

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